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Magdalena Gaj

Managing partner. A licensed legal adviser and an expert in telecommunications law with more than 16 years of experience on the telecom market. Graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.
From 2012 to 2016 President of the Office of Electronic Communications, the Polish National Regulatory Authority for telecommunications and post.
She started her career in 1998 as a legal advisor trainee in an attorney-in-law’s office. From 2001, in the Office of Telecommunications Regulation she has been dealing with court cases on behalf of the regulator. After regulator’s transformation into the Office of Electronic Communications, she obtained the position of Director of Legal Department and was actively involved in drafting resolutions taken by the Office with respect to telecommunications, postal, administrative, civil and European law.

From 2001 to 2004 she managed her private practice, providing legal services within the scope of construction law, public procurement, civil code and widely understood corporate affairs.

Over the period 2009-2012 she held a position of Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Administration and Digitisation, responsible for the Polish telecommunications market.

She initiated a Broadband Round Table in Poland - a platform for the exchange of knowledge and information between the government, local authorities and telecommunications undertakings. Her activity in the government was focused mainly on amendments to the law which brought it in compliance with the European law and on introducing provisions which facilitate the development of telecommunications services and consumer protection.

As the President of the Office of Electronic Communications she actively influenced the telecommunications market in Poland, among others by releasing frequencies in 1800 MHz, 800 MHz or 2,6 GHz bands, initiating numerous campaigns and pro-consumer initiatives, as well as analysing quality of telecommunications services, leading to a price decrease of mobile services through regulation and increasing the value of the mobile Internet market by 132%.

My achievements

The switch over process to digital terrestrial television:

  • Preparation of the Plan for Digital TV Implementation in Poland, and subsequently the Act on digital terrestrial TV implementation adopted by the Council of Ministers,
  • While on position of the President UKE oversight and coordination over the digital switch on process and switch off of analogue transmitters.

Facilitating the development of telecommunications infrastructure:

  • Preparation of an Act on supporting the development of telecommunications networks and services,
  • Initiating cooperation between telecommunications market and energy sector,
  • Conducting of the action for frequencies in the 800 Mhz band for the purpose of wireless communications.

Fight against digital exclusion, initiatives for development of Digital skills and equal access to ICTs for women and men:

  • Developing the concept of digital lamplighters - expert educators in the field of the Internet, whose task is to tackle digital exclusion,
  • Contributing to the provisions that enable to port a telephone number to another operator within one Day without additional charges,
  • Initiating a contest for girls studying at technical universities „Girls in New Technologies”.

Postal market:

  • Conducting a contest for the designation of postal operator to provide universal services after market liberalization.

Achievements on the international forum:

  • Leading the successful negotiations with the European Parliament and European Commission on a compromise version of the first Radio Spectrum Policy Programme during the Polish Presidency in the Council of EU in 2011,
  • Thanks to Magdalena Gaj's efforts Poland become a member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Council and the process of concluding international agreements on cross-border coordination in the 800 MHz band accelerated,
  • Elected Chair of Chair of the Board of the Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications for a one-year term (2012),

Chairing the World Summit on Information Society Forum in 2015 (WSIS Forum).